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  1. 67,279 plays
    Yellow (every mother counts edit) 2012

    New acoustic version of Yellow (2012) - Coldplay,

    recorded for the campaign Every mother counts.

    (Source: somethingwillstayforever)

  2. 14,705 plays
    Douglas Booth
    Heart On Fire


    Douglas Booth | Heart On Fire

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  4. They’re home.

    They’re home.

  5. what's your favourite colour?
    asked by Anonymous

    let see, I don’t think I really have one cos any colour looks great. But if I have to choose I’ll go with either brown, blue or maroonish colour.hahah

  6. What’s your favourite colour?

    What’s your favourite colour?

  7. Thanks!!the whole thing is lovely though I fell asleep half way through it ahaha :|
    asked by Anonymous

    your welcome, hahaha well looks like you just got a great lullaby playlist :D

  8. Kapan examnya sih, good luck!
    asked by Anonymous

    ohhhh. kapan kapan kapan ya! lol

  9. Any songs on your playlist that you'd like to share? Am so boredzzz
    asked by Anonymous

    Sorry, I’m on my ‘exam-lah-sangat’ mood. hahah so my playlist consist of all the instrumental stuff to help me stay awake but not too bothering when studying. heee. But, try bronze radio return. They are the last band that is always on my playlist.

  10. 1,525 plays
    Aoi Teshima
    Teru no Uta
    Teru no Uta
    ゲド戦記 - theme song

    little bit of Studio Ghibli to de-stressed.

  11. Li-sa x - scarified (cover)

    She is 8 and she did a cover of Paul Gilbert song! Paul Gilbert! If she do a cover for ‘Technical Difficulties’, my jaw will be so hurt cos it will be a massive jaw drop.

  12. what animal do you wish to have as a pet?
    asked by Anonymous

    I’m not sure if I am responsible enough for that. heee :D