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  2. Meeting new people has always been a scary thing for me because I really do not know what to expect and everything. How to engage in conversation and stuff. Especially at something that is very foreign to me. Hence, I always start at a slow pace. So, I did my first ‘volunteering’ work yesterday and the experience wasn’t that bad. I still need to learn a lot I guess, and to be honest I felt quite inferior and amazed at how people could have the heart to do it. But it is amazing to see people doing thins that they love. Anyway, meeting the coach is a great thing. When he said something about being in Japan makes him a better man and how it feel like to be working there. In my mind I was like, I need to feel that too!

    So now, I really can’t wait for January. InsyaAllah I have all my ducks in a row by then. Eyeing for a ticket now.hahaha Thank you!

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Guizhou, China
Kazuyoshi Nomachi
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Bangkok Train juicer by paul sarawak


    Bangkok Train juicer by paul sarawak

  6. Do you have a girlfriend? Or someone that you crush on?
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    what d’you think anon??

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    Matt White

    Matt White - Love

    Because it is in the air now. hee

  9. Wedding!

    Well, the wedding is over! (I mean the ceremony). And I pray that my sister and her husband will have a great and blissful days ahead till Jannah (InsyaAllah).

    I am delighted to officially welcome Mukhzani as our new addition to the family member. However…here is the silly part, I still need to learn to get use of calling him ‘Abang’. LOL.

    Here’s the thing, everyone in my family have been calling me ‘abang ngah’ or Nazih and I never call other cousin (at least on my mom side) as abang. So, I still feel weird to use that phrase. You know, even in relationship stuff it is a cliché thing for the boyfriend to call the girl ‘sayang’ and the girfriend will call him ‘abang’ but even in that situation I refuse to be called the same thing! It just that I felt this ‘suatu kegelian di dalam tekak’ when I said that. ROFLOL.

    I know it is a selfish act of me. And surely the last thing that anyone would think about when getting a brother in law is this problem. But…… So, I end up talking awkwardly to him without a proper ‘kata nama’. So even if I were to call him out for dinner I’ll be like “hmmmm dah makan?” or “errrr nak tolong angkatkan barang x?” hahahaha.

    I know it is silly, but in time I’ll get used to it.

    On the other hand, it felt a great relieve knowing my sister will be well taken care of. And to have more people in the family to get through the thick and thin and turbulence that we might face along the way as a family. 

    With that, I’m praying a blissful days ahead for kak jie & Mukhzani. And for us.

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Moraine Lake by Zeb Andrews on Flickr.
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    Third Eye Blind


    Third Eye Blind - Semi-Charmed Life

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    Who Let the Dogs Out?
    Who Let the Dogs Out?


    Baha Men | Who Let the Dogs Out?